A society where children, young people and women are empowered for all round development.

Aim & Objectives

-To promote child protection. -Advocate for the poor, weak and needy to improve their quality of living. -Economic empowerment to disadvantaged women and vulnerable youths. -Good governance for advancement of the rights of women and children. - Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS infection, and related diseases through partnership, collaboration and networking. -To ensure the continuity of early child education of the internally displaced. -Humanitarian services to internally displaced persons. -Promote environmental sanitation and hygiene.

Mission Statement

Partnership with relevant stake holders for the improvement of the living standards of the target groups.

Core Values

  • Moral integrity
  • Passion for Humanity
  • Equal rights & opportunities for all
  • Respect in diversity & Team Spirit
Mrs Grace Samuel is the Executive Director and founder of Kishimi Shelter and Care Foundation


  • 6,396 vulnerable children were enrolled and received services
  • Improved health of 150 OVC through case management planning
  • Established 45 Micro Credit and Saving Groups for OVC caregivers
  • Established 2 Micro credit and saving groups for adolescent boys and girls infected and affected by HIV/AIDs
  • Reached 1447 adolescents with SRH services and HIV/AID transition program services.
  • Facilitated educational support for 1,546 children by building 26 Block Grants projects at the schools
  • Trained 860 CIHP supported orphans and vulnerable children on vocational skills at KISHIM VTI
  • Trained 197 police supported adolescent juvenile  boys and girls on vocational skills at KISHIMI VTI
  • Established 45 non formal learning centers for IDPs and served 2,250 children

Counselled and tested 20,136 persons for HIV including 1,850 pregnant women in the communities and successfully 71 HIV positives at various health facilities

Working hours

Monday- Friday:8:00AM-4:00PM Hrs

We are here

No: H 136 Investment Quarters Gombe, Gombe State.
Email: info@kishimifoundation.org



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